2005 Great Conversations

Great Conversations 2005 was a terrific success with over 350 guests who chose from 43 different tables (Click here to look at the tables topics and conversation leaders.)

Topics discussed at the 2005 Great Conversations event.

Thanks to the hard working committee who helped plan and select the conversation leaders and topics: Lisa Cordingley, Chair; Terry Cohea; Eliza Frazer; Randi Hood; Cindy Lewis; Steve Maly; Jon Satre; Kay Satre; Dave Shors; Norma Tirrell. Do you want to volunteer for next year’s event – let us know!

We will be highlighting summaries of several of the table conversations over the next several weeks. Bruce Messinger, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools in Helena, led a table on “What is an Educated Person.” The characteristics of an educated person:

  • Environmentally aware and responsible
  • Effective communicator
  • Service to others
  • Socially informed and active
  • Learn from nature
  • Adaptive, reflective and flexible
  • Critical thinking and problem solver
  • Experiences in rich and diverse setting