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HEF For the Holidays

Today, our Helena educators need our support and appreciation more than ever. While juggling online and in-person classes, our educators are working harder than ever, dedicated to finding ways to ensure the continued engagement and success of all of their students.

Consider making a donation to the Helena Education Foundation through HEF for the Holidays in the name of your child’s educator, bus driver, cafeteria worker, principal, coach, para or others – OR – your favorite educator when you attended school. Make a gift and download the certificate to present to the educator you are honoring. We will post honorary donations on Facebook and in our annual Donor Roll that appears in the Independent Record in May.

Follow us on Facebook to view videos by teachers sharing how the Foundation has benefitted them and donors discussing the reasons they support HEF and Helena’s students and educators, as well as a video by HEF Executive Director Lisa Cordingley.

At HEF we honor, celebrate and support educators in our schools in a variety of ways. Through Let’s Talk About Great Teachers, we honor exceptional educators during our Great Conversations event. (Check out this year’s LTAGT videos). We award $45,000 annually in Great Ideas Grants and MiNi Great Ideas Grants to educators for innovative in-class projects and field trips. We also honor Distinguished Educators at Celebration of Excellence. Whereas we were unable to host our annual new educators welcome event, nor organize Carnival Classic, this year we responded to the call of PE and music teachers and furnished all K-5th graders with their own Specialist Backpacks filled with a variety of learning equipment; and we led and coordinated a city-wide campaign for community members to show their appreciation by writing thank-you letters to every educator in the district.

We help educators, help students.  Show your appreciation for your child’s educator and support HEF at the same time.

Donate to HEF for the Holidays today!
And download the certificate to let someone know you donated in his/her name!