Mission Statement

The Helena Education Foundation enhances the experiences of public education students and teachers in our capital city. HEF is aboutusa 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization of local citizens working to increase private support for public education. HEF benefits Helena Public School students and staff by serving as a catalyst and funding source for new ideas, programs, and educational opportunities.

The Helena Education Foundation enriches education in Helena Public Schools through the investment of time, talent, funding and resources, providing students, staff and the community unparalleled opportunities. The Foundation directs resources towards:

  • Promoting and celebrating education success
  • Recognizing staff for creative and innovative teaching
  • Increasing the visibility and value of public education;
  • Encouraging lifelong learning


HEF understands that public schools forge healthy communities and allow the entire community to invest time, assets and enthusiasm in the cause: Great schools are everyone’s business!