HEF Leadership Institute Addresses Preparing Students for Business World

Helena is a great place. Our quality of life combined with a stable economy and great schools make this a very attractive place to live and do business. However, we are not without challenges.

Many employers say new hires are often severely lacking in “soft” skills like communication and team work.

And that issue was one of the main topics at a day-long workshop, “Leadership Institute, Out of Both Worlds: Connecting Business and Education for Work Force Success,” held Wednesday.

Communication, work ethic, timeliness, and loyalty are the first skills students need to learn by the time they graduate from high school, according to recent survey of 61 area employers conducted by the Helena Education Foundation.

Also, 70 percent of respondents said students are not given sufficient guidance and preparation in making career choices. Keynote speaker Patrick Kelly said it was obvious the survey shows that employers think their employees need stronger soft skills, but the question is to what degree acquiring those skills is the responsibility of elementary, middle and high schools.

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