Submissions for Pen & Ink 2024 and the Harrison Writing Awards are open!

Submit your writing to Pen & Ink Magazine by January 12, 2024 to be eligible for the 2024 Harrison Writing Awards!

The Harrison Writing Awards include up to four $350 awards given annually in the categories of either expository or creative writing to HPS high school students by the Helena Education Foundation. Dr. Lee Harrison endowed these awards in memory of her mother Ethel Harrison. Professional writers in the community review submissions and select the winning pieces.  The prose and poetry of Harrison award winners are featured in the annual Pen & Ink magazine.  The Foundation organizes a community launch party for the magazine at which students have the opportunity to share their works. See below for previous Harrison Writing Award winners.

2023 Harrison Writing Award Winners

2022 Harrison Writing Awards

2021 Harrison Writing Awards

2020 Harrison Writing Awards

2019 Harrison Writing Awards

2018 Harrison Writing Awards

2017 Harrison Writing Awards

2016 Harrison Writing Awards

2015 Harrison Writing Awards

2014 Harrison Writing Awards

2013 Harrison Writing Awards

  • Cory Briar for The North Road
  • Allison Vaughn for Distance
  • Julia Marie White for Pack Rat
  • Amanda Gibson for Sketchbooks and Stick Notes

2012 Harrison Writing Awards

  • Kate McNamee for Perfect Imperfections
  • Madison Ellis for So Prayed Sophie and The Marine and the Good Egg
  • Thomas Harris for This is Not a Sad Poem

2011 Harrison Writing Awards

  • Connor Murnion for Myriad and Take the Exit You Like
  • Kate McNamee for Big Bang
  • Jasmine Sewell for The Victor

2010 Harrison Writing Awards

Creative Writing:

  • Liz Hartley for A collection of poems
  • Elena Hodges for A collection of poems

Expository Writing:

  • Kristen Ingman for Love Poem with Toast
  • Nicole Lorass for How Much is a Text Message Really Worth?

2009 HEF Writing Awards

Creative Writing:

  • Rachel Smith for A collection of poems
  • Maria Nelson for Echoes of Alexandria

Expository Writing:

  • Paige Esposito for Heart of Darkness
  • Texel Feder for Happiness

2008 HEF Writing Awards

Creative Writing:

  • Alexis Graman for David’s Hike
  • Brandi Swingley for Grief is Timeless

Expository Writing:

  • Erinleigh Caughron for A Struggle to Stay Alive: Preserving a Culture
  • Renee Elsen for Tradition

2007 HEF Writing Awards

Creative Writing:

  • Lindsay Johnson for A collection of poems
  • Antony Speranza for A Ray Through the Clouds

Expository Writing:

  • Dylan Dal Poggetto Kahn for Sands and Empire
  • Daniel Barta for The Haunts of Memory

2006 HEF Writing Awards

Creative Writing:

  • Darcy Poletti Harp for The Sun Falling
  • Hannah Gilbert for Jump on the Rhythm Train!

Expository Writing:

  • Brianne DeWitt for Public Funding for Music Education
  • Dylan Gallagher for Jimbo

2005 HEF Writing Awards

Creative Writing:

  • Annika Robins for Nowhere, WY
  • Kelsey Fanning for “Why Coyote Sings”

Expository Writing:

  • John Fine for Merchant of Venice
  • Geoffrey Stueven for I Love a Good Mess