Trading Places provides a bi-annual opportunity for learning and collaboration among school administrations and Helena’s business, governmental and nonprofit community.  Administrators are matched with community members for a day – the pairs  spend the morning in the schools and  switch venues for the second part of the day. Participants who haven’t been in a classroom for years have a chance to see the exciting and innovative changes in Helena schools.  All participants attend a casual reception at the end of the day and where possible the Foundation facilitates ongoing collaboration.

This event allows business and community leaders an opportunity to learn more about the role of administrators in our schools and to witness the decisions and responsibilities principals face each day. Principals learn more about other sectors and see how schools can play a role in supporting local businesses and community organizations.

Trading Places will take place on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

“Trading Places fosters relationships. I’m working on bringing together a few technology companies to work with schools to prepare students for a different job landscape for when they graduate.”

– A business participant in Trading Places