The Helena Education Foundation sponsors learning opportunities on a wide array of topics for Helena Public School students, educators, administrators and the community. Institutes are free of charge.

2021: A Trip to Mars with Chris McKay, Senior Scientist at NASA.

2021: QAnon: A Conspiracy for Our Time with Jono Drake, moderated by Raph Graybill

2021: A Conversation with Former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul.

2018: Chasing the Dragon: A film and discussion about prescription drug abuse in Montana.

2017: Cracked, Not Broken with Kevin Hines

2015: Because I Said I Would with Alex Sheen

2015: Secrets of the Brain with Sam Kean

2013: Your Kids, Their Digital World and Leadership: Managing the Transition

2011: Understanding Education Outcomes

2010: Building for the Future on a Level Playing Field

2009: “Where is Montana’s Climate Going… and Will We Have Any Water?- Dr. Steve Running

2008: Out of Both Worlds

2007: Awakening the Sleeping Giant

2006: Moving Ahead in a Flattened World

2006: Helena 2015

2005: Lewis and Clark Clay Jenkinson

2005: Who REALLY “Discovered” America- Clay Jenkinson

2004: “Apologies & Forgiveness: Dr. Aaron Lazar

2004: Hot Topics in Science: Spiders-Dr. Randy Lewis